Planting the Three Sisters

In my barren garden
Hands in the dirt
I plant the Three Sisters
With hope as a gentle guide

The corn sister stands tall
Reaching the sky
Ready to be a support
She is a beacon of peace

The bean sister comes next
Climbing the stalks
Giving back to the soil
Living out her compassion

The squash sister is last
Covering the ground
Relieving summer heat
With her broad leaves of love

The three sisters grow
Rising in peace
Giving through compassion
Covering everything with love

A bounty in my garden
Three Sisters bring
Peace, Compassion, Love
May it be so in my life

Pops 2019

(A common practice in many Native cultures to plant these three seeds together to create symbiosis in a garden - Google “Three Sisters Gardening”). Happy Earth Day!

Green Design

Nature doesn’t need taming.
Though it isn’t safe
It was never wild, but
Mature and wise,
Seeking peace and balance.
This is Green Design.
Though from human thought
It is not about points and politics, but
Mature and wise,
Seeking peace and balance.

Pops 2009