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Considering, but not knowing
what may come after this life, 
I find it vainly and vapidly fruitless
to hunger for perfect pie in the sky
and oddly calming to think of 
pushing back from the table 
when my life's holy purpose 
is sanely and sapidly consumed.
There is peace in believing:
life is the bountiful feast 
and death, just a gratuity.

Pops 2015

Sunday Morning

smiling faces, bubbling laughter
forest mists, still quietness
twinkling eyes, breathless whispers
serving hands, kind words
unexpected grace, unfettered love
lives of purpose, eulogies of peace
in the familiar is the divine

Pops 2015


There are moments in life
when nothing makes sense.
No amount of
ingenuity or strength
can get you out of the
In those moments,
some turn to God,
some turn to family,
some turn to therapy,
some turn and run.

The measure of a soul
isn't where you turn
when faced with
but when you get through it,
whether you help others
through their darkest
The only light someone
may be able to see
is you.

Pops 2014

World View

There is a problem with the premise
that the original sin is passed
to everyone who ever lived.
Even though millennia have passed,
an angry God seeks retribution
and still holds a young earth grudge.

The problem of the premise
is that that blood is required
to appease this feuding God.
The worst of ancient religion's practice,
shunned by civilization,
is worshiped by faith communities.

The problem is in the premise
that genocide is the answer
to build utopian societies.
Yet millions hold out for the end of days
and God's torturous massacre to
bring a new heaven and earth.

The problem throughout this premise,
is that God is not better
than the best of us.
The worst of mankind breeds
blood-lust, torture and genocide.
God is greater than, not less than.

There is a promise with a new premise,
not about bloody retribution,
but individual and societal recalibration
to align with ancient future God ideals
of peace that compounds
and love that surrounds.

The promise of this premise
is that God is not waiting,
but active in the actions of those who
live out justice by leveraging peace
and work out that peace by mentoring love
as their legacy for this world's future.

The promise in this premise,
is that together we can
reclaim the world to what it could be and
recalibrate society to how it should be;
reclaiming peace, restoring justice
and redeeming everything through love.

The promise through this premise
is that as others have,
I can live in self changing peace
and live out world changing love,
nurturing justice through my commitment
to walk this path and redeem this world.

Pops 2014

Seeing God

After 50 years of evangelical prison
and two years of freedom
I can finally see God

No more "supposed to's"
and guilty penance
for wrongs done
in my life and somehow before

Religion is the filthy rag
Trying to wipe clean
a clear window to God
Leaving streaks of confusion

Doing right, because it's right
Doing good, because it's good
Being love, because of love
We don't need sermons or books to tell us this

We can all see God
Theology won't help you
Religion won't make it more clear
Just open the window and crawl through

Pops 2010