No Planet B

There's no other place like home
Nowhere else for us to roam
Like the planet where we live
Let us all begin to give
To Mother Earth love and care
Above all to be aware
Of all the places we can roam
There's no other place like home

Pops 2017

Dark Before Dawn

When driving through the rough terrain,
Not thinking that the sun will ever disappear,
You come upon a tunnel.

When walking through the beautiful hills,
Not expecting the bright day to turn dark,
A storm blots out the blue skies.

While cozily reading in a warm glow,
Not anticipating the lamp will blink off,
An outage plunges light into darkness.

There's a light at the end, forge ahead.
A rainbow will appear, keep looking up.
One small candle can dispell the dark.

Be the light.

Pops Blair, 2017

No More

heart aches
soul cringes
anger rises
reality hinges
on the complicated death
of simple lives
for blessing
for healing
for salvation
and falling
into a deep despair
for a country dividing
so deeply
cleverly inviting
into our homes
It's time to shut
and lock the door
to hatred bred
in neigborhoods
in schools
in government
in pools of fetid waste
left by an ignorant society
waving flags
brandishing guns
to show the world the reality
of how a society is undone
by letting anger
rule the heart
and soul of a nation

Pops 2015

Just One Thing

a tempest in a teacup.
most of us couldn't care less whether the
Green, Tea,
Libertarian or Vegetarian
win or lose.
main street to dirt roads
average joe and
plain jane
we all want
just one thing
from politicians.

Pops 2010

Faith of Old

I long to have faith like those of old,
Following the Way marked out
By the words in red and actions
Of black bound on my heart.
Being faithful is openly narrow.
There is no room to move,
Right or left is not an option,
Only ahead, for behind is death.

The old faith is a lot like other faith,
But foundationally different.
God came to us as a man
To help man understand God
As only He could explain.
Law was fulfilled in death,
Death was fulfilled in life,
Life is fulfilled in love.

The object of this faith is not
Of this world or really the next,
But only of Him who created both and
Waits, prepares, guides, hopes
For man to finally understand
What God has been saying in every
Birth, life, love, death
That happens each second of the day.

We have taken the wide road
And are running out of food and water,
At least the kind that quenches
And nourishes the souls of the weary
And dying without sustenance or hope.
Empty words are an endless desert
If they are not vindicated with action.

Pops 2009