Good Measure

You can’t measure a person
by their character Dan
by their faith
by their stature
the way they express themselves
the good they do for others
You can’t measure a person
by their honesty
by their goodness
by their giving
the level of hope they have
the amount of grief they’ve endured
You can’t measure a person
by their friends
by their grudges
by their money
the love of family in their heart
the moments they missed
The only
good measure
for anyone
is how much you’ll miss them
when they’re gone
For Dan
Pops 2022

Loose Faith

Maybe bad at spelling

But the idea

Of loose faith

Is something ever so



Dropping the leash

Let go of the reigns

Open my hands and

Let faith free

From my grasp


It goes where it wants

And flies to the sky

To find nothing

And everything

As it should


I didn’t lose my faith

Just let it loose

It found the way

A path

To return home


Pops 2022


"With All My Love", I always say TnC
But clearly that's not true
For our love grows with every day
And it's all because of you

With every year that passes by
A more beautiful woman I see
And even though you're sixty-five
You're still nineteen to me


Happy Birthday Catherine
With All My Love (so far)

Pops 2021


The Death of Eternity

When eternity dies
We must seek out wisdom
Present justice is elevated
Legacy becomes paramount
When eternity dies
Peace can be conceived
Hope will be in the present
Faith grows from knowledge
Love is formed from inside out
When eternity dies
Today is reborn
Pops Blair 2021

When This Is Over

One day, when the sun shines again
and I finally feel the warmth it brings
I’ll feel like singing
but not just any song, it must be perfect
one that keeps the sun out of the clouds
I may never sing
Pops 2021