Missed Minutes of Heaven

That time you drove past the single mom
Changing a tire in the rain
You didn’t stop to help
And missed a few minutes of palpable joy
Or when you scolded the dad at the store
Buying last minute diapers
With a screaming child
And brought hell into play for your own peace
And the time your child needed comfort
After being laughed at in school
Instead you quoted
A long dead maxim that ignored opportunity
You open a door that is quickly slammed
When you rush intimacy
Into gratification without gentleness
And the chance to whisper love instead of shout
You miss minutes of heaven every day
When you are not present
Not looking for moments
To bring joy and love to the world you have
May you see that you have enough heaven
To last for eternity
In your moments on earth
Time only matters in the realm of kindness
Pops 2021

Shu Ha Ri

Following tradition
I memorize the dogma
Never questioning nor diverging
The way is clear and harsh
My steps and thought, straight
I follow the path
Rejecting tradition
I rebel against the dogma
And question all before me
As I come to the end of the path
To stop, deep in thought
On what is the way
Creating traditions
Without harsh dogma
Embracing questions and wonder
I forge a new, more beautiful path
I walk without listening to thought
And follow the Way
Pops 2021

A Tarnished Rule

Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you
How do you know what others want done to them
Is it the same as what you want done
Different cultures, genders, orientations, races
Could have, and do have, different desires
“I’d like this done to me, you must also”
Is a “you too” problem
That begets “me too”
Foundational to all the me too’s
Money is not the root of all evil, ego is
Don’t do unto others, what they don’t want done to them
Would be a better maxim
A Platinum rule to live by
Pops 2021

Reaping and Sowing

You Reap what you Sow
What a wonderful concept to live by
Karma is not a bitch
rather mischaracterized
It’s a lifelong pursuit of the
Planting these firmly in good soil
Along your path
Beside the way
The sprouts of your journey
You may never see
Those who follow behind will reap the
Results from the life you lead
Among your friends
Within your family
They Reap what you Sow
For a wonder full future world
Pops 2021