Waking to a new year
I recognize my breath
And feel gratitude
To live
Waking to a new year
I recognize my family
And feel loved
By each one
Waking to a new year
I recognize my friends
And feel peace
In the fellowship
Waking to a new year
I recognize my work
And feel engaged
To spread goodness
Waking to a new year
I recognize my world
And feel responsible
To give back
Waking to a new year
I recognize my path
And feel alive
To walk it
Pops 2023

New Year Sheets

nothing can erase
what’s been written
there’s no do-over
for a painful year
turning off the lights and
turning down the covers
diving into the crisp, cool sheets
of the new year
looking for a respite
to wake up to
tonight, saying goodbye
to the good and the bad
a farewell kiss blown
            a middle finger
pull up the covers
fluff up the pillows
        drift off
look to a
happier   new    year
Pops 2022

Soul Care

And there is no healing on the horizon
Normalcy is a state that can’t be found
Searching, seeking
And adrift with no peace within reach
Comfort is an emotion that is elusive
Wandering, wondering
And alone with no anchor to hold fast
Strength comes in fleeting moments
Running, racing
And accept wounds as painfully present
A new normal to be faithfully charted
Stopping, starting
And open fully to an unexplored space
Wrap warmly in a blanket of family
Embracing, entering
And trust that somewhere in the darkness
A lightness will come to a weary soul
Lifting, loving
Pops 2022


I’m not sure we’re listening
to the unsaid and unheard
conversation that is happening
between moments in the sad noise
that surrounds every moment
I’m not sure we’re hearing
what seems so loud around us
in the dance around the obvious
thoughts that hang in the silence
between the known and unknown
I’m not sure we know what is
right in the memories so deep
and the moments that drift
by every time we ponder a
future that can never come
I’m not sure, so we still wait
and watch for a time to say
what is unsaid and unheard
until a quiet moment appears
and allows silence to speak
Pops, 2022


we don’t lose
our people who move
into the next adventure
there’s nothing lost
they brought to
our lives, our world
everything is here
available everywhere
contributions remain
it doesn’t end
            presence extends
            moments remembered
            memory embraced
            legacy retraced
death isn’t final
life is eternal
the physical may burn
the spiritual will churn
we never lose
our loves that move
into the next adventure
Pops 2022