Breaking the Cycle

Anger begets hate
Hate escalates to violence
Violence creates sorrow
Sorrow grows into despair
Despair rises to desperation
Desperation builds into anger

The cycle continues until broken
by mercy, justice and humility

Peace begets harmony
Harmony escalates to love
Love creates happiness
Happiness grows into joy
Joy rises to contentment
Contentment builds into peace

Pops 2016

Minimal Wage or The Root Of All Evil

I'm wealthy and you're penniless.
I'm a homeowner and you're homeless.
I'm loved and you're lonely.
I'm employed and you're lazy.
I'm clean and you're filthy.
I'm happy and you're depressed.
I'm a citizen and you're an alien.
I'm blessed and you're cursed.
I'm chosen and you're not.

I'm better off than you
specifically because
you're worse off than me.
That may seem obvious,
but see, if I paid you more
I would have less.
Still more than I need
for a hundred lifetimes,
but less than I want.

I hear them say that
money is the root of all evil,
but really, being poor is,
at least from the view of
my penthouse corner office.

Pops 2015