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New Year Sheets

nothing can erase
what’s been written
there’s no do-over
for a painful year
turning off the lights and
turning down the covers
diving into the crisp, cool sheets
of the new year
looking for a respite
to wake up to
tonight, saying goodbye
to the good and the bad
a farewell kiss blown
            a middle finger
pull up the covers
fluff up the pillows
        drift off
look to a
happier   new    year
Pops 2022

Soul Care

And there is no healing on the horizon
Normalcy is a state that can’t be found
Searching, seeking
And adrift with no peace within reach
Comfort is an emotion that is elusive
Wandering, wondering
And alone with no anchor to hold fast
Strength comes in fleeting moments
Running, racing
And accept wounds as painfully present
A new normal to be faithfully charted
Stopping, starting
And open fully to an unexplored space
Wrap warmly in a blanket of family
Embracing, entering
And trust that somewhere in the darkness
A lightness will come to a weary soul
Lifting, loving
Pops 2022