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The Death of Eternity

When eternity dies
We must seek out wisdom
Present justice is elevated
Legacy becomes paramount
When eternity dies
Peace can be conceived
Hope will be in the present
Faith grows from knowledge
Love is formed from inside out
When eternity dies
Today is reborn
Pops Blair 2021

When This Is Over

One day, when the sun shines again
and I finally feel the warmth it brings
I’ll feel like singing
but not just any song, it must be perfect
one that keeps the sun out of the clouds
I may never sing
Pops 2021

St. Paddy’s

“Kiss me, I’m Irish, it’s lucky you know”,
Is not something I’d normally say.
Though it is funny and almost all true,
My Grandma Gaghagen would not approve,
Except on Saint Patrick’s Day.
So kiss me, I’m Irish and lucky to be,
We can wish all our problems away.
Let’s open Kilbeggan and lift up our glasses,
We’ll toast all the Irish ‘til we fall on our arses.
Sláinte! It’s Saint Patrick’s Day!
Pops 2021

Missed Minutes of Heaven

That time you drove past the single mom
Changing a tire in the rain
You didn’t stop to help
And missed a few minutes of palpable joy
Or when you scolded the dad at the store
Buying last minute diapers
With a screaming child
And brought hell into play for your own peace
And the time your child needed comfort
After being laughed at in school
Instead you quoted
A long dead maxim that ignored opportunity
You open a door that is quickly slammed
When you rush intimacy
Into gratification without gentleness
And the chance to whisper love instead of shout
You miss minutes of heaven every day
When you are not present
Not looking for moments
To bring joy and love to the world you have
May you see that you have enough heaven
To last for eternity
In your moments on earth
Time only matters in the realm of kindness
Pops 2021