Break the Pendulum


From take a knee outrage
To take a life insurrection
Bookends to a failed experiment
    White nationalism
    White supremacy
    White privilege
        “White fragility”
Supported by an Evangelical cult
Itself with two bookends
    Unborn babies
    Religious privilege
While born babies get put in cages
The other is outcast
    Other colors
    Other countries
    Other religions
        “Other fragility”
Bookends need to be placed
To hold the constitution upright
Reparations then Reconciliation
Redemption comes with a price
Not for an end times jihad
    This time
    This place
    This country
        “This fragility”
Time for cult members
To see the light
Of Freedom and Justice
        For All
The two bookends of unity

Pops 2021


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