One Day of Peace

Break the Pendulum

seek to understand, then be understood
how long will that take?
how patient can we be?
how do you understand racism?
who can understand ignorance?

it’s a prayer of the ideals of St. Francis
it’s a maxim from the mind of Covey
a good thing under normal circumstances
but change doesn’t happen with understanding
real change only happens with revolution

systemic racism is an evil virus
infecting weak minds and family values
passed on by weakened immune systems
carried by political rhetoric 400 years old
that melanin creates value, less is more

4 years of stupidity has lit a 400 year old fuse
that needs to finally set off a political bomb
to direct the right and the left to True North
snapping the pendulum, changing the course
and ridding the nation of anything but truth

in the aftermath of 2020, change is the only option
not a swing of the pendulum from right to left
we need a compass, 360 degrees of choice
choose a better path, not binary, but polynary
whether race, politics or gender, we will

choose to love, choose to accept, choose to lead
lead the revolution by changing the status quo
your status quo, what you know, what you believe
this is not a zero sum game where equilibrium reigns
the balance of power needs a fulcrum adjustment

it’s time to push out the supremacists in power
let the compass needle spin like a top
breaking the pillars that hold the blue/red line
open the nation and eventually the world
to a new day where the sun shines equally on us all

Pops 2020


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