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One Day of Peace

The noise is unbearable
I cover my weary ears, which doesn’t help at all
Every source is switched off
Yet the ceaseless sounds of war still rage on at will
This isn’t about guns
Though the sound of rapid-fire won't dissipate
It’s not just politics
Though the endless voices won’t ever hesitate
A still small voice
Inside us all that is drowned out by the clutter
Can only be heard
When peace is found with who we call the other
One day of peace
That’s all I ask so that to the presence, we can open
One day it will come
But I fear it will be when there is no one left to listen
Pops 2020


be Inventive
do Something
embrace Originality
try Laughing
resist Anger
forget Time
love Excessively

Pops - 2020