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Stepping into the unknown, unburdened, unaware
Of what will come, what will be, what we’ll do
As a community of lovers and haters, dreamers and dividers
Hoping things will change to stay the way they’ve always been

I take a breath and let it out - take a breath and let it out
Knowing the only changes we can make are internal and externally
Different attitudes and actions, be-attitudes and me-actions
Making things change - to be the kind humans the world needs

Kind humans, the world needs - more of this and less of that
Which makes us isolate and contemplate our own desires
Rather than the needs of the billions less fortunate - be more consulate
Kindness is the answer, Love is the cure, let’s walk together in this


Wisdom is not accomplished
It is earned
Not by listening to the same
But different
Opening up new sources
And new minds
To mine the riches found
In diversity
Of culture, of gender, of spirit
Outside yourself
And what you think you know
To what you don’t
Then applying that knowledge
To make peace

Planting the Three Sisters

In my barren garden
Hands in the dirt
I plant the Three Sisters
With hope as a gentle guide

The corn sister stands tall
Reaching the sky
Ready to be a support
She is a beacon of peace

The bean sister comes next
Climbing the stalks
Giving back to the soil
Living out her compassion

The squash sister is last
Covering the ground
Relieving summer heat
With her broad leaves of love

The three sisters grow
Rising in peace
Giving through compassion
Covering everything with love

A bounty in my garden
Three Sisters bring
Peace, Compassion, Love
May it be so in my life

Pops 2019

(A common practice in many Native cultures to plant these three seeds together to create symbiosis in a garden - Google “Three Sisters Gardening”). Happy Earth Day!


We released you Copper Dog
To join with the interbeings
Giving your one-eyed wisdom
Like a salty-dog pirate
To your crew of raccoons and opossums
And the rag tag kittens of pets past

You released us Copper Dog
And embraced the great unknown
To clear it for us of anything
That would run at the Great Bark
Sounded across the vastness
Echoing forever in our hearts

You were loved Copper Dog
With the fluffy hair and floppy ears
Always generous with a welcome home
Always stingy with a meaty bone
Never quiet with a stranger
Never shy with a friend

We were loved by Copper Dog
And changed by knowing him
Learning to smell the breeze
For what is coming next
And to search for the smallest opening
To chase after joy