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August 2017
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There is an ancient way that calls to me from deep within.
This, this is my future path lost to me on the horizon.
I feel the sacred among the old oaks that stand with me here
And in the rhythm of the drumbeat my heart matches.

Starting the circle way, my feet softly walk with nature.
Though I’m lost to the destination, I find the route familiar.
A cricket calls my name and the rocks outline the trail as
The hawk screams “You are here!” and deer watch in silence.

I move toward the center and feel the earth pull me in.
There is power in each step to keep me moving through.
As I pause to lay the prayers of my family at the center of all things,
I leave behind what was, to focus each step on what will.

Shoulder to shoulder I stand with you, my new, unexpected tribe.
On the circle way together and alone, we walk this beautiful path.
Together, forever in this moment held gently in hands of the past,
Change moves through our souls to circle and embrace all.

Pops Blair, 2017


I engage the sacred with new eyes and
being open to the ancient without looking,
a first trickle of pure, sustaining water
drips to the bottom of the dry well.

There is bliss under the oaks council and
in the rituals of the Mystics around me,
I find a space for spirituality to dance
on the well worn paths of my soul.

It will be on new paths outside the old
that peace comes like welcome rain
to wash the dust from years of neglect;
There is hope I can’t see in the darkness.

Pops Blair 2017

Walking with Lao Tzu

The path that is named is not the path
The way that is named is not the way

Yet walking it with a brother is sweet
And walking it with a sister is sacred
When walking it with a child it is joyous
And walking it with an elder is holy

The path that is named is not the path
The way that is named is not the way
But in the paradox there are many names

Pops Blair 2017