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Considering, but not knowing
what may come after this life, 
I find it vainly and vapidly fruitless
to hunger for perfect pie in the sky
and oddly calming to think of 
pushing back from the table 
when my life's holy purpose 
is sanely and sapidly consumed.
There is peace in believing:
life is the bountiful feast 
and death, just a gratuity.

Pops 2015

No More

heart aches
soul cringes
anger rises
reality hinges
on the complicated death
of simple lives
for blessing
for healing
for salvation
and falling
into a deep despair
for a country dividing
so deeply
cleverly inviting
into our homes
It's time to shut
and lock the door
to hatred bred
in neigborhoods
in schools
in government
in pools of fetid waste
left by an ignorant society
waving flags
brandishing guns
to show the world the reality
of how a society is undone
by letting anger
rule the heart
and soul of a nation

Pops 2015

Dad Vows

IMG_0453I promise 

to lovingly hold you until you can crawl,
crawl patiently with you until you can walk,
walk peacefully with you until you run,
joyfully run with you as long as I can.

And when I can no longer keep up,
I'll still run, walk or even crawl to you
if you need me to hold you again.

Pops 2015

Only A Woman

For Twin and Katie

Only a Woman
can truly understand
what's going on inside and Katie-twin
will stand aside and beside
while the world crashes then
resurrects into the stratosphere
in a matter of moments.

Only a Woman
could see the beautiful mess
behind what could or would be
and what shouldn't be
into what must be done
today or any day
or not done at all.

Only a Woman
would open a darkened door
to a brokenness with gentleness
and kindness to make it
right with the simpleness
of just keeping all the pieces
safe for the future.

Only a Woman
will walk with delicate patience,
tirelessly searching with peaceful
purpose and passion to find
a perfect union to step into
by lacing up colorful shoes
and hiking the heights of joy.

Only a Woman

Pops Blair, June 6, 2015