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Sunday Projects

Creating something from scrap wood Cat table
found in my garage amidst the tools,
wanting to be given a name.
A table,
for the cat,
a cat table,
she must have.

The little black kitty can eat in peace
above the reaches of dog breath
away from the thieving blue jays.
Out of sight,
in a dark corner,
a perfect setting,
for stealth meals.

Hand sawn with tools new and old,
the creation comes to life from a sketch
on the last of wrinkled graph paper.
A table,
for the cat,
a cat table,
she won't like.

Pops, 2015

Something New

in a new pair of shoes or moving rhubarb to a sunnier location and shopping for new glasses (I really wanted round ones) it's obsessively obvious that I like change though that's not entirely true because I actually love it as long as I think the change is for the better or at least status quo in terms of making a difference even though there is some comfort in the routine things of life like plum blossoms and paychecks and smoothies and sunrises I have to say that not being able to change the every day on any day makes me think of wanting to part my head from my body so I can be free from the monotony of the endless rote happening around me although I know a bodyless head and a headless body would also get boring as well as being fairly ineffective so I keep some of the rut walking going while I let my imagination leave my sensibilities every moment I can and before the path I'm on gets too deep in the ground from the terminal back and forth I jump out and dance for a bit in the sun

Pops 2015 World Poetry Day