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Sunday Morning

smiling faces, bubbling laughter
forest mists, still quietness
twinkling eyes, breathless whispers
serving hands, kind words
unexpected grace, unfettered love
lives of purpose, eulogies of peace
in the familiar is the divine

Pops 2015


early morning where the only distraction
is the sound of the birds greeting the day
and creating their breakfast recipe,
two parts seed and one part protien,
a perfect mixture combined with water for

another day
another week
another month
another year
of foraging

one third of a cup of life left to use,
for what recipe do I have the ingredients,
tried and true, biscuits and gravy, sweet or savory
or something that has yet to be tasted,
a blank index card sits before me to create

combine ingredients
mix well
bake until golden brown
serve warm

Pops 2015