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Learning the same things,
different words,
same message.
Singing the same songs,
different tunes,
same ideas.
Sitting in the same chairs,
different fabric,
same view.

Einstien said there's insanity in repetition
while expecting different results.
There's also indifference in repetition
when expecting the same results.

Learn new things in new ways.
Inspect the impassable.
Expect the impossible.

Pops 2015

Pillars of Strength

The two most powerful forces brought to bear
on everything sentient living in our world
and beyond are love and freedom.

Love has no boundaries and is beyond compare
in the cycle of life as it drives both the willing
and unwilling to move forward.

Freedom is always bound by love and there
is little one can do to escape the bonds
but to grow stronger with them.

For when combined, freedom and love share
a power that nothing in the universe could
possibly withstand for long.

To experience the two, no matter how brief or rare
in a lifetime, is to know with certainty
that a life is worth living.

Pops 2015

New Year's Evolution

This year's end some items I've missed
in making my New Year's list
of actions to hold the year through
that last a week, maybe two.

No weight loss nor organization,
on my list no savings inflation.
My list will be clear of to do's
instead it's a new life I choose.

This year's end I will not resolve,
but instead make a pact to evolve
into someone I rather would find
as I leave this extinct self behind.

From primordial ooze I'll step out,
a life form that's higher, no doubt,
learning new things with every stride
letting old things wash out with the tide.

This year's end no matter the cost
of leaving behind what I've lost,
an origin of species to claim,
to survive as the fittest my aim.

Not to worry the friends I hold dear
and my family both far and near,
this evolutional new year you'll see,
just a much better version of me.

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