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Greeting The Day

I can see my breath in the cool stillness of the morning. As my best four-legged friend and I head from tree to bush to patch of drying grass, I revel in the quiet sounds of a morning walk.

A dog that barks forlornly as we walk by.
The whisper of hummingbird wings going from flower to flower.
A cry of a early rising hawk as it seeks the warmth of first light.
The rustling of leaves in the brisk yet gentle breeze.

I can feel my muscles loosen as I climb the gentle slope leading to the park.
I can feel my mind open as I take in the breathtaking panorama before me.

A tree full of red ornament-like pomegranates.
The newborn colors of a sunrise as they strolls across the sky.
A splash of autumn foliage rarely seen in California.
The bright clothes of children waiting for a yellow bus.

I know that without the distractions of the coming day,the universe will match me
stride for stride and teach me things I can only learn when I listen closely.

A sense of belonging with knowing my place in the world.
The contentment of a quiet moment alone.
A true conversation with the person I want to be.
The wisdom of nature guiding my thoughts.

These and so much more I seek and most often find on my quiet morning walk.

Pops 2014

The Journey

"Are we there yet?"
"No, for the 500th time!"
"We'll be there when we get there!"

We'll be there when equality is a given.
We'll be there when everyone has enough.
We'll be there when genocide is never the answer.
We'll be there when war is a historical reference.
We'll be there when faith is not a reason to hate.
We'll be there when the mentally ill are not shoved under bridges.
We'll be there when no one believes in a grim fairy tale ending.
We'll be there when everyone loves and is loved.

"Are we there yet?"
"No for the 501st time, but we're closer than we were 500 miles ago."
"Do something useful, we'll be there before you know it!"

We're closer than we were 500 years ago.
Do something useful, we'll be there before you know it.

Pops 2014


the inability to feel
the beauty of a sunset
or feel calm when evening


is laid before you
lets you know that
the sinking feeling of


has a foot hold
pulling you under and
making even the smallest


of a better day so far away
that nothing will let you
escape from the tyranny of


There's no middle ground
you understand or you don't
that without hope there is no


and without help
you'll find with the sunrise
just another


Pops 2014