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There are moments in life
when nothing makes sense.
No amount of
ingenuity or strength
can get you out of the
In those moments,
some turn to God,
some turn to family,
some turn to therapy,
some turn and run.

The measure of a soul
isn't where you turn
when faced with
but when you get through it,
whether you help others
through their darkest
The only light someone
may be able to see
is you.

Pops 2014


I hear you breathing in the quietness
and listen for the next intake and exhale
realizing that peace is in the simple things
that happen without me knowing just how
vital they are and that I miss many of them
by giving focus to the words in my head
telling me that whatever is coming is more
important though I should be in the moment
when I'm awake before the dawn hearing the
softness of your breath and should know that
with each and every rise and fall of your chest
I am the luckiest person just to be able to
lie here and listen to the sound of you sleeping.

Pops 2014