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The Fiddler's Tune - For Adrienne and Luke 7/20/2013

I will be with you, when the day is new
and the morning light hits the mountain heights
I will be with you.

I will stand by you, in the ocean blue
when the waves crash down and our feet surround
I will stand by you.

I will walk with you, to the mountains view
through the streams clear and cold even when we are old
I will walk with you.

I will dance with you, to the fiddlers tune
On days bonny and bright and those dark as night
I will dance with you.

I will be with you, when the day is through
and the moon is high in the midnight sky
I will be with you.

Pops 2013


There is a feeling that washes over me
like a dry wind through the foothills
bringing a hint of a distant fire.

Independence is a worn ideal
based on might and threat,
bombs, bursting in air to bring fear.

That once distant fire is now ubiquitous,
burning in the hearts of the many
yet never consuming the desire.

Freedom is a tattered belief,
held before multinational corporations
dealt in the dependence of all for one.

There is a feeling that washes over me,
that only with change can freedom come
like a summer rain that carries no threats.

Cooperation is a missing component
of many foreign affairs in disarray
with the foolish notion of control.

The rockets red glare is frightening,
making the dog run under the bed
and the cat wisely hide in the shadows.

Peace is deemed a futile hope
unless the thought of war remains
in the consciousness of the poor.

There is a feeling that washes over me,
perhaps bringing the winds of change
if we choose to declare Interdependence.

Pops 2014