Conversing with God on Love
What Can I Give?

A Spherical Life

What would it be like to step off the timeline
To live life in the round?
To no longer hear
“Time is of the essence” or
“At some point in History” or
“Somewhere along the line”

How would life be different spherically,
To know that eternity is set in our hearts?
Spinning in interaction with
Other eternal beings
No end to the motion
Layers of perpetuity
At our core, infinite

Could the universe just be a model
Of what life should be?
Billions of white hot suns
Their life giving life
An endless pattern of orbits
All created through
One unexplainable event

Open my mind to the possibility
That I am not a point in time
Moving slowly toward
Some unknown infinity
What I see in the galaxies
Is what I want for my heart
Purpose and design

I want my life three dimensional
Growing to four and five
I’m not a spot on a graph
My gravitational pull matters
My core should be hot
To sustain life
To create

What would life be like to step off the timeline,
To live life in the round?
Getting out of the maze
Purpose, not just direction
Community beyond degradation
Alive in non-linear movement
A spherical life

Pops 2009


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