In a life’s time
love touches mortal longing
to create being

For the lucky
timeless love moves within
to seed other

Most find one
some experience an other
few know both

For those destined
to feel the pull between
life is love

Pops 2018


Eggnog in my coffee
A crisp breeze in the morning air
Leaves falling and my heart brimming
With love for all things
As the sun peeks over the hills
To wake the world to Thanksgiving
This one day to remember
You are who you are
You have all you have
You live the life you live
Because of someone

Happy Thanksgiving

Pops, 2018

Presence For Thanksgiving

In the midst of preparation
While the quiet before the storm
Rests like a warm blanket over you
Be present in thankfulness

As the food begins to cook
And the flavors of the season
Brush in like a summer breeze
Be present in thankfulness

When loved ones arrive
Bringing their hearts and hopes
Worn like a favorite threadbare shirt
Be present in thankfulness

With blessings given and received
That spread over all you love
Settling like a first snowfall
Be present in thankfulness

Set aside your agendas
Lay down your differences
Cast off the hurry and worry
Be present in thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving,



There are moments when the world stops breathing
A sharp inhale and then silence
And for a few seconds you can hear
You can see
You can smell
You can taste and feel what is supposed to be

I hold my breath with the world in the stillness
I focus my mind on nothing
And everything that I can hear
I can see
I can smell
I can taste and feel what I’m supposed to experience

Then the world takes a breath
And so do I
Richer and wiser

Pops 2018