Turning Pages

reading my life like a book
turning pages so fast it’s a blur
that makes my head spin
and scarcely gives me time to wonder
what just happened
to another year

chapter and verse
for better or worse
here I am

each page written is the last
one I can barely read with blurry eyes
yet what is around the bend
keeps me foraging and wondering
what is coming
with another year

chapter and verse
for better or worse
here I am

the story is of loss and love
and triumph and defeat so glorious
that the protagonist and antagonist
merge in a Gemini sort of way
standing together
to face a new year

chapter and verse
for better or worse
here I am

unfinished, the end is unwritten
and perhaps the climax is not past
as I wade for inspiration
in the lost and found of muses
turning the page
to this new year

chapter and verse
for better or worse
here I am

Pops 2023/24
Happy New Year



The most holy days
Are those spent
Being grateful for IMG_1711

Deep love
True friends
Long walks
Favorite memories
Raucous fun

The most holy days
Are those spent
Being present in

Every breath
Quiet moments
Meaningful work
Family traditions
Joyful celebration

The most holy days
Are those spent
Being open to

New ways
Old paths
Being loved
Giving grace
Living peacefully

The most holy day
Is the one you have

Pops 2023

World View

There is a problem with the premise
that the original sin is passed
to everyone who ever lived.
Even though millennia have passed,
an angry god seeks retribution
and still holds a young earth grudge.

The problem of the premise
is that that blood is required
to appease this feuding god.
The worst of ancient religion's practice,
shunned by civilization,
is worshiped by faith communities.

The problem is in the premise
that genocide is the answer
to build utopian societies.
Yet billions hold out for the end of days
and god's torturous massacre to
bring a new heaven and earth.

The problem throughout this premise,
is that this god is not better
than the best of us.
the worst of mankind breeds
blood-lust, torture and genocide.
a god should be greater than, not less than.

There is a promise with a new premise,
not about bloody retribution,
but individual and societal recalibration
to align with ancient future ideals
of peace that compounds
and love that surrounds.

The promise of this premise
is that peace is not waiting,
but active in the actions of those who
live out justice by leveraging peace
and work out this premise by mentoring love
as their legacy for this world's future.

The promise in this premise,
is that together we can
reclaim the world to what it could be and
recalibrate society to how it should be;
reclaiming peace, restoring justice
and redeeming everything through love.

The promise through this premise
is that as others have,
I can live in self changing peace
and live out world changing love,
nurturing justice through my commitment
to walk this path and redeem this world.

Pops 2014 (edited 2023)